Why Build A Guitar From A Kit?

Several reasons. It’s relaxing and invigorating. The guitar will sound better than many factory guitars of its type. You’ll have a wonderful sense of accomplishment. It’s fun. It’s less expensive than buying a comparable luthier-built guitar. You will be happily surprised at the quality of its sound! Building the kit will teach you plenty about the principles of guitar construction. If you’re unready to build from scratch, it’s a way to learn about guitars, special tools, woodworking.

Why Not Build Your First Guitar From Scratch?

Several reasons. It’s harder than you think. It requires a lot of experience to do it well. Many tools are needed and the skill to use them well. Many decisions must be made that you might not even be aware of ... and that’s before you start the project! Think about bending the sides, thicknessing the top and back plates, gluing the back together: These steps require practice, skill, specialized tools. These steps are done for you with most kits. However, if you can do it, more power to you! Still feel free to use this website for whatever help it might provide.

NOTE: I do not create or sell kits.

Basic Kit Steps Photos

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Kit Steps