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KitGuitarBuilder.com & KitGuitarForum.com are not Blogs. These sites exist to guide people building their first or later guitar kits, to generate interest in building quality acoustic guitars from kits, and to help  future luthiers and guitar builders by recommending quality suppliers, parts, tools, and materials.

    I enjoy building acoustic kits. They are a great way to learn about luthery, and you end up with a nice guitar for your trouble. More fun than building a chair, in my humble opinion.

    Acoustic guitar kits? From people who have played a well-built kit, the response is always positive—amazed, actually. Starting with my very first one, a Stewmac 000, to the latest (Brazilian/redwood), I have enjoyed and learned from the entire building process. I have been gratified at the sound quality of every kit I’ve completed. (Now completing #9.) And, why shouldn’t they be good? After all, they are made from the same basic components as those from pro luthiers. The quality level of some of the woods and parts might not be “top luthier quality,” but they are easily equal to most mid-range factory guitars. Add the joy of building and the continued fulfillment of playing an instrument you built yourself? Heck, you might never again enjoy playing “music store guitars.”

    Problems? Of course. We all strive for perfection, but our skills don’t always match our hopes. No, not one of these guitars is absolutely perfect, as if anything could be. But, they are all wonderful to play, even the very first one. Their imperfections are more cosmetic than functional. Aside from the builder’s skill and experience, there’s no reason why a kit guitar shouldn’t be well intonated and have great action. With patience and a little support, most people can build a guitar they will be quite proud of.

    This site doesn’t sell kits: It is designed to provide impartial information, help you decide to buy a kit somewhere, help you figure out which one, and then help you build it. If you are interested in helping me to support the site, please click here or in the box at right to purchase a copy of the Guitar Builders Construction Journal, ($9.95) or make any size donation you desire. I will really appreciate your help. (Or, buy either book at right -- click covers for info -- and you’ll receive a free 48-page very nice eBook as a thank you gift.)

    Thanks for Being Here!

                                     Sincerely, Bill Cory

                                     A Kit Guitar Builder


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