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The Only Acoustic Guitar Builder’s

Production Journal Just $9.95!

After eight months of writing, and  ten guitars built over the years, I’ve finally published my book.

240 pages

491 photos

Spiral or square binding

It will help you choose the best kit for your experience level and help you avoid many newbie errors.

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They tell us to “keep notes.” Here’s the easy way to do it!

Recently revised, our 30-page journal (now with Tool Tips for each step) is the only book of its kind for Acoustic Guitar Builders. It is a comprehensive guided step-by-step record of what you did and why you did it. Indispensable! Download the PDF file once and use it for life, for just $9.95!

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The long-awaited “Martin Manual” is now available, showing the building of the 13th guitar, a Martin 000 kit.

108 pages

501 photos

Spiral binding

There is no other manual available anywhere that provides this level of detail for building a Martin-style kit.

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