These sound files will give you an idea of how a kit guitar can be made to sound. If you have a sound file from a kit you would like to put up here, click the Email link and let me know.

This sound file is under

two minutes. It is my first

Stewmac Triple-O,  East

Indian Rosewood and

Western Red Cedar.

(Recorded in Garageband

with a condenser vocal mic,

14” in front of the 12th fret,

about 5% reverb.)

This soundfile is from Pat Foster, a member of the Kit Guitar Forum. This was Pat’s first kit, and came together beautifully! Note the parabolic bracing; not scalloped --and the sound is full and sweet!

From Holland, and the hands of Herman Arendsen comes this beautiful HD28 with Golden Era neck, European Spruce top and East Indian rosewood back and sides

The guitar was built for a friend of Herman’s.

Both Herman and his friend tragically lost their young daughters not long ago, and so these pictures and the

Made on a Mac

This is my second

Stewmac Triple-O, East Indian Rosewood and Adirondack (red) Spruce. 1 13/16” nut.  Recorded with an Edirol R-09; no effects added at any point. Love that resonance!

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sound clip that is attached are dedicated to

Fathers Who Have Lost A Child.

According to Herman, when he built the guitar:

“I thought I was just helping him, but in a way I helped myself too. Creating beauty gives a very positive impulse.”