Complete Guide To

Building Kit Acoustic Guitars

Full-size, (8.5x11”), 240 pages, 500 photos and helpful!This book covers kits from all the major kit suppliers, plus building information, tools, finishing, etc. Written during the building of ten different kits from Martin, Stewmac, LMI, Blues Creek Guitars, Grizzly Tools, and Kenneth Michael Guitars, seven completed kits are shown, with the rest still in the building process.

It’s easy to read and lavishly illustrated. Every kit builder, from novice to experienced, will get something of value from it, and it will save every builder more than its purchase price in time, frustration and dollars.

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We offer these publications to assist newcomers to guitar building ...

Building Martin-style Acoustic Guitar Kits

This new book, published in August, 2008, illustrates in 108 pages and 501 photos the construction of a great new Martin 000 kit. (Book is 8.5 x 11, coil bound, lays flat.) This manual is offered assist builders of kits from C.F. Martin & Co., and kits from independent luthiers that are are based on Martin’s kits. Why a manual on Martin-style kits? Because, it’s really needed. Click for details on the book.

Kit Guitar Builder’s Construction Journal

Published last year, this 30-page journal has become popular with builders worldwide. Easily keep track of everything you do during the building of your guitar. This is a downloadable PDF that you can print yourself or have printed as many times as you want for just the original price. Click for details on it.




These 27 guitars were built by member of the Kit Guitar Forum; details on them are included in the Complete Guide To Building Kit Acoustic Guitars.